Do I need Armor to get started?

Nope! Armor isn’t necessary to get started. We actually prefer for new members to hold off on purchasing armor right away. We’d like to make sure you get the right stuff. In the meantime, you can start with what’s known as “soft kit” practices, which is a fancy way of saying regular workout clothing. Start learning take down techniques and striking drills. Use foam boffer swords and the likes to start out. If you’re a part of an existing chapter, the senior members may be inclined to loan you their steel kit on a limited basis. Between your chapter leadership, your regional commander and the leagues social media outlets, you’ll be able to find trusted armorers, good deals and information and guidance on creating some of your own pieces. Armor can be expensive; the league will help make sure you get the right stuff and try to help you find the best deal. Also, some chapters are known to raise funds to help outfit their fighters.


Where do I go to get started?

Check out our chapters/team page, HERE. Find a chapter in your local area. If there are no chapters nearby, no worries, you can always start your own chapter!


How do I start a chapter?

If there are no chapters in your area, all you need is three paid members. So, you and two friends each purchase a membership HERE. Next you need to pick a team name and logo or heraldry. Submit these to the league at for approval and Voila! Your team is born!


Now that I’ve built a team…what do I do next?

Train your team, recruit others, help the league grow. Assemble you armor kits. Hold practices, fight other chapters and go to events. But most of all HAVE FUN!!


If my chapter is completely new, how do we know what or even how to train?

Fair point. Contact your regional commander or reach out on the leagues official Facebook page. Hundreds of experienced members are ready and willing to help you start. From written advice to YouTube videos, there are plenty of options.


Is there anything I need to do in order to organize a team practice?

Good question! Yes, there is. Prior to practices, you need to fill out the ACLW Waiver form and file it. This covers yourself and the league in the event that someone becomes injured. The form is fairly self-explanatory and can be downloaded HERE. If there are any questions, you can contact your chapters Regional Commander. You can find their contact info HERE.


What do I do if someone gets injured during practice or at an event I’m hosting?

Well, obviously call for medical assistance first. But you’ll want to fill out an injury report form, HERE. Fill this out within 24 hours of the incident. Once filled out, submit this to the league at and then contact your regional commander to update them.


 How do we go about fighting other chapters?

You can find the chapter contact list HERE. Pick a chapter, get a hold of their president and go from there. If there’s any questions, contact your Regional Commander. You can find their contact info HERE.


How to I host an event?

First, inform your regional commander of your plan. Second, make sure you have space. Whether it’s in your backyard, a rented warehouse/gym space or at a local park that you’ve obtained the required permits for through your town/county. Fill out your ACLW Waiver forms, HERE. This is a great opportunity to help grow the league and open it up to more spectators. Advertise on Social media, create and put up flyers and get your friends and family to help spread the word if they can. At the event, people may want more info about the league and the sport, you should designate someone to hand out official ACLW info packets before, during and after your event. You can download the Official ACLW Information packets HERE